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Queensport Lighthouse

Rook Island, Nova Scotia

The Queensport Lighthouse combines a lighthouse and keepers’ dwelling, a popular design for lighthouses in remote areas. The two-storey, wood frame residence is surmounted by a…

Cape George Lighthouse

Highway 337, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia

The Cape George Lighthouse is an octagonal, tapered, reinforced-concrete lighthouse built in 1968. The lighthouse measures 13.7 metres (45 feet) and stands 123 metres (404 feet)…

Nootka Lighthouse

Strathcona A, British Columbia

The Nootka heritage lighthouse is a square, galvanized-steel tower surrounded by a steel skeleton tower originally designed to support the lantern gallery and a wooden daymark…

Green Island (Catalina) Lighthouse

Catalina, Newfoundland and Labrador

Green Island Lighthouse is a 10.4 metres (34 feet) tall octagonal, tapered, reinforced concrete-clad stone lighthouse. The lighthouse is also known as Catalina Lighthouse. It…

Bois Blanc Island Lighthouse

Bois Blanc Island, Amherstburg, Ontario

The Bois Blanc Island Lighthouse is a white circular tapered stone lighthouse built in 1836. The tower is just over 12 metres (39 feet) tall without its lantern, which was removed…

Île aux Perroquets Lighthouse

Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan, Quebec

The Île aux Perroquets heritage lighthouse is located on Île aux Perroquets, at the western extremity of the Mingan Islands in Quebec and is located within the Mingan Archipelago…

Port Stanley Breakwater Lighthouse

Port Stanley, Ontario

The Port Stanley Breakwater Lighthouse is a pyramidal reinforced concrete tower that measures 10 metres (33 feet). Built in 1911, the lighthouse is the second to be erected on the…

Prince Edward Point Lighthouse

Traverne Line, Prince Edward, Ontario

The Prince Edward Point Lighthouse, also known as South Bay Point, Red Onion and Traverse Point Lighthouse is a squaretapered wooden lighthouse with an attached dwelling. The…

Triple Islands Lighthouse

Skeena-Queen Charlotte A, British Columbia

The Triple Islands Lighthouse is an octagonal, reinforced concrete tower measuring 23 metres (76 feet) high. It is attached to the corner of a square, three-storey, reinforced…

Port Mouton Lighthouse

Port Mouton, Nova Scotia

The Port Mouton Lighthouse is a wooden square-tapered tower that measures 7.5 metres (25 feet). Built in 1937, it replaced the original Port Mouton light that had stood on the…

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